Christmas Cheer From We Love Lichfield

The We Love Lichfield 2017 Christmas giveaway saw more than £12,000 presented to good causes from across the district. Representatives from voluntary groups gathered at the George Hotel on Friday (December 1) for the event together with a host of invited civic guests representing the area.


The presentation was an opportunity to pay tribute to the hundreds of volunteers across the District – in the city, Burntwood and all the rural villages. Each recipient group made a speech about the work they did so that guests were able to gain an insight into the thousands of voluntary hours given every week across the District.


Simon Price, Patron of We Love Lichfield hosted the event and thanked everyone in attendance. He also thanked The George Hotel which has raised £1,500 for the fund this year, Robert Yardley who as Sheriff of Lichfield raised more than £5,000, Louie Clegg of The Best of Lichfield, which raised £1,200 and the Museum Bowling Club which raised £1,600.


Simon explained the history of the fund, that it began in 2011 with £24,000 sitting in dormant funds which was released by Lichfield District Council. This figure was match funded and since then fund-raising has boosted the balance. The capital invested is not touched – only the interest made is given out in donations. The aim is to create a fund with sufficient capital for it to pay out £50,000 every year to the community for ever.


Simon said: “So far 168 grants have been made and we have given away £125,000 to groups in the Lichfield district who make a difference. People have come up to me today to thank the team for raising money.  It should be the other way around.  We are merely helping others do the wonderful things they do.”


The recipients of the Christmas giveaway are Lichfield Computer and Social Group £1,000, South East Staffordshire CAB £499, Lichfield Society of Artists £176, Burntwood Memorial Hall Association £700, Burntwood Town Council £1,000, Spark Springhill Grandparents Group £500, 1st Burntwood Scout Group £300, The Lichfield and District Live at Home Scheme £932.20, Open Door £700, Spokz People CIC £1,000, Stonnall Youth and Community Association £600, City of Lichfield Friends £1,000, Lichfield Talking News £1,000, Whittington FC Soccer Centre £250, Lichfield Social Club Dizzy Disco £1,000, Lichfield Garrick Theatre £1,000 and 1st Beaudesert Rainbow Unit £153.


A special extra Christmas gift of £250 was given to Friends 2 Friends, a group which provides learning and social opportunities to adults in the area with learning difficulties. The advisors of We Love Lichfield have decided to give away an extra grant every Christmas from now on to a group that has previously received money from the Fund and has used that money well for the benefit of others.  The gift will be a surprise every year in recognition. Many members of Friends 2 Friends want a day out, so the money will fund a trip to the seaside.


Each group had a goodie bag.  The contents are given as recognition for the volunteers who give up their spare time to help others.  We Love Lichfield wishes to thank the following organisations for their support; the Wolverhampton Grand for theatre tickets, Worth Brothers Wine for vouchers, The George for a meal for two at Darwin’s Restaurant vouchers and finally Arthur Price who donated vouchers for its Factory Shop.