Why Donate?

Lots of people and businesses give to national charities yet often say they can’t see the difference their donation makes and worry that their donation will be spent on administration and charges.

The We Love Lichfield Fund is run entirely by volunteers, with the help of the Staffordshire Community Foundation and Lichfield District Council who all donate their staff time to the fund for free. So every penny donated is directly used to help local projects.

How to make a donation

Donate on line at


Call the Staffordshire Community Foundation on 01785 339540. 

Personal donations

If you make a personal donation, by filling in a Gift Aid form for every donation you make your donation is boosted by 25%! So, if you Gift Aid a donation of £10, the fund will actually get £12.50!

Boost your company profile

We’re always happy for local companies who donate to the We Love Lichfield Fund to use our logo on their literature. It’s a great way to let your customers, suppliers and new clients know how your organisation helps the community.