About the fund

About the fund

We Love Lichfield is a local fund that provides small grants to a wide range of projects based in Lichfield District. The fund will consider all applications from local groups in need twice a year.  Companies and individuals are welcome to donate or fund-raise and all money is invested through a permanent endowment fund by registered charity The Community Foundation For Staffiordshire on behalf of We Love Lichfield in line with charity commission guidelines. The interest and dividends earned on the invested money is then distributed by the We Love Lichfield Fund as small grants across the district. The beauty of this model is that it will provide a source of on-going funding that can be used for small grants, and larger grants as the fund grows, for many years to come.

Our target?

The fund aims to give away £50,000 every year to community groups and organisations through small grants forever, creating a lasting legacy for the district.

Fund advisors

The following people are either Fund Advisors of We Love Lichfield under the direction of The Community Foundation For Staffordshire:

Simon Price                             CEO of Arthur Price, former Lichfield City Sheriff & Patron of We Love                                                            Lichfield

Julian Fisher                            Director of Townhouse Communications Limited

Tim Matthews                        Volunteer and local councillor

Christopher Spruce                Volunteer and local councillor

Terry Turner                            Owner of T Turner Autos Limited

John Heeler                            MD of Straightforward Solutions

Robert Yardley                        Volunteer and local councillor

Krissy Lackajis                         Editor of City Life magazine

Sarah Clark                              St Mary’s At The Hub

Keith Eagland                          Volunteer

Richard Winterton                   MD of Richard Winterton Auctioneers

Ian Gardner                             Client Services Director, Breslins Accountants

James Price                              Sales Director, Arthur Price

Alex Keller                                Head of Media, Richard Winterton Auctioneers


Steve Adams                          The Community Foundation For Staffordshire


How did the fund start?

The We Love Lichfield Fund started with funds that were previously held by Lichfield District Council.

The funds were donated in the past for very specific purposes, which can no longer be delivered, but yet the funds cannot be spent on anything else. By donating them to the We Love Lichfield Fund, they are not being spent, but they are generating a higher rate of return as they are being invested as part of a larger pot, and the interest earned on them is then being used for good causes. £25,000 was gifted in this way by Lichfield District Council from the following dormant trusts:  J S Brown Bequest, Old Bath Bequest, Sir Thomas Hewitt Bequest and Lichfield Provident Bequest.  This was then match-funded by The Community Foundation For Staffordshire. Donations were also made by other local businesses and organisations.

What’s the Community Foundation for Staffordshire?

The Community Foundation For Staffordshire (Registered charity number: 1091628. Company limited by guarantee number: 04220563) is an independent charity, started in 2001, and with currently nearly £10m in endowment funds. It is dedicated to strengthening local communities and tackling issues of disadvantage and exclusion, through the building of permanent endowments and the allocation of grants. It is one of nearly 60 community foundations throughout the United Kingdom.

The foundation is affiliated to the UK Community Foundations, an organisation that oversees national grants schemes laid out by various charitable bodies and the government. Every county in England has a community foundation and there are national community foundations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and a national community foundation for the Republic of Ireland.

As the foundation is locally based, the team understands local community needs. It identifies local needs and mobilises local resources, and works closely with local development and support organisations, local statutory bodies and businesses throughout Staffordshire for the betterment of the county, whilst remaining non-political.  Plus the foundation’s board of trustees are drawn from across the county and have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, from banking and finance, to business and the voluntary sector. This helps it to fully represent and understand the views of different sections of our county.

The team also distributes grants on behalf of government, national charities such as Comic Relief, and public organisations, as well as private donors and smaller endowment funds. Its expertise, comprehensive grant-making policies and procedures, and knowledge and understanding of the local community and its needs ensure that grants are targeted responsibly and carefully.  Indeed, in 2010 The Community Foundation For Staffordshire achieved Quality Accreditation Mark II status to standards endorsed by the Charity Commission.